West Jefferson Senior High School

See the world through our eyes

Ever been curious to see the real daily workings of a high school class? I invite you to take the journey with me and my Scholars as we work our way through this schoolyear. Check back often.


Sign up sheets


Meeting snack

Ernisha’s Utopia

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3 symbols from Romeo and Juliet

VRBurton, M.Ed

Getting test scores

VRBurton, M.Ed

Whoops I failed to post daily

My goal was to post a picture from each day that we were in school.  That did not happen.  There were some days when I took 20 pictures and some days when I took 0 pictures.  Obviously I am now posting the ones that I have captured with my phone.  Next year I think that I will try again.

Text for Twiction Tweets

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